Friday, February 23, 2007

Eye Street to host Alfresco WCM Training for early adopters


At the risk of being one of those bloggers who "apologize" to their blog for inactivity, I will say that things have been busy here. Eye Street has partnered with Alfresco to develop the Web Content Management (WCM) training material, and has recently launched the website. Needless to say I have been one busy person working on both of those activities. My colleague and I will be delivering this first course next week in Boston. The course is very well done (IMHO), and focuses not only on the technical skills, but real-world examples and concepts. There is also a thorough review of the new architecture and CM strategy.

That said, Alfresco has GA'd their first version of a WCM add-on for the Alfresco 2.0 community release. This marks a very important milestone for them as an organization, as well as for the content management community as a whole. Time will tell what the impact will be on the major players in this space.

I will be ramping up my activity around here, so if there is a topic that you would like to cover, please feel free to email it to me. I've left off with some overview points with regard to the org structure and governance of ECM. In subsequent articles, I will begin to discuss the new architecture of, and the strategy employed.

-Brent Kastner

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